Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's it gonna take...Puppy Wars ensue...


I got an email:  (my family is soooooo predictable...and I love them for easy to bait!)

The email read:  " 'What's it gonna take to get.... ' my baby pictured on the blog.  Seems like your dogs and George's dogs are the only dogs that exist in your universe.   Hansi has seen some "web-space", perhaps that is because he has "Hans" in the name [my brother's full name is Hans George].  I guess I will just have to continue to know only privately how beautiful the Boop is -- here are few reminders of the princess' special beauty, since you seem to have forgotten her."
Well is the homage!  Apparently it just takes a lot of whining!  And the threat of being pushed off a ledge of the Grand Canyon.  And remember emails are legal documents...they could pin you for motive!  (baby sister survival tactic #1:  assume predictable reprisals...potentially violent as well)

Betty is another one of Marg's "oh no I don't need a new dog right now and there is no way I am keeping this one" dogs.  Betty was rescued at about 6 months old, starving, from the streets and full of tumors.  Now that thing is full of tenacity and self importance.  She is so fast, jumps so high, and swims so far that Marg actually had DNA testing done on her to find out her breed.  There was a lot in there but Russian Borzois was the dominant.  Betty was so mixed up and so rare that they kept her on file so they could retest her as the DNA testing improved.

This dog now has her own day care, play group, and has become one of Kathy Sdao's  helper dogs and helps Kathy acclimate untested and aggressive dogs!  This is a far cry from the fence leaping, shoe chewing mongrel sighthound that took off after every squirrel or assumed squirrel.  Not to mention the time Marg fell in the brambles, scraped on asphalt and was all cut up and bleeding (terrifying people that saw her bloody self coming out of the park) trying to protect Betty from a rabid raccoon.  (Or was that one Bob, the original "there's no way I'm keeping this dog" dog?)  Needless to say, there isn't much that hasn't or wouldn't be done for our little ego maniac :-).
Betty now has her own custom design (that God knows how many hours it took me to perfect!) following Marg's precise dictates and design approval.  With matching leash!  It is pink and whimsy...just like Betty!
Which,  by the way,  the set can now be found exclusively at Tierisch Exclusiv (on the home page even!)  Yep, the dog even has her own Couture Fashion Line now!
How's that for a proper homage!
Are egos appropriately soothed?  (And more importantly, have I secured safe passage on the Grand Canyon Trail?)
 (Now I just have to wait for Boomerdonna's prima response...Maybe George is out hunting and jeeping this week...)

(PS:  NOT pictured of course is Betty standing on the dining room table, eating all the "election day cupcakes" my sister's friend brought for the last Presidential election.  Note to self:  New Conspiracy Theory developing:  Democrats + secret memos = cupcakes.  I know more Democrats that baked cupcakes the last election!  Strange.  All I can say is "Go Betty Go!  Good Dog Betty! Good Girl!"  i know i'm gonna pay for that one...)


  1. Now that is a post worth reviewing over and over and over again. I will be sure to take my laptop home tonight so that Betty Boop may enjoy her new (unsolicited) celebrity status. Well done!

  2. Now that is a post worth reviewing over and over and over again. I will be sure to take my laptop home tonight so that Betty Boop can enjoy her new (unsolicited)celebrity status. Well done!

  3. Hahaha...and that was worth saying over and over. I just hope to have secured my own safety :-)

  4. Wow! What a wuss.

    Boomer is curently conditioning.
    We start our killing spree Saturday.
    (why don't you wear fethers this weekend)

  5. Arizona doesn't have birds. Too hot, no place to migrate to in winter. Nope, no birds here. No hunting here.

  6. All this bickering in public is embarrassing me.
    Why can't you all follow George’s example and
    I think you would look cute in feathers.

  7. I think it's time for you to shave again, MOM.