Friday, October 22, 2010

Sanctions. Puppy Wars.

"Suffering under the economy like the rest of us and too proud to eat cup cakes (modeling isn’t paying too well right now), Boomer has gone to work in the apple orchards."
(he really is picking apples out of the tree)
 The harsh winter months...

My brother has decided to wield the ultimate weapon of the Puppy Wars:  Guilt.


  1. Betty the Boop asked me to post that she is deeply saddened by Boomer, Guage and Ashley's delporable living conditions. She is dictating this message to me while laying on a down pillow on the sopha and eating a superbly cooked New York steak. The meal is not nearly as enjoyable as it would be if she were not burdened with this profound (and genuine) sadness.

  2. Sounds like Betty is saying - Let them eat cup cakes. Do they have a Bastille in Tacoma?