Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well I asked for rain....

I asked for it.

I will let the pictures tell a thousand words.  For a Where's Waldo effect, find:

1.  The box spring and red chair waiting for trash pick up...nothing like showing pictures to the world to remind you of unfinished chores!  Sorry...fall cleaning around here.  Cleaning off porches, garage here getting ready for nice weather.

2.  Fence falling over...yep more on to do list.  But doesn't your backyard look awesome now that you think of it!

3.  Power company guys racing to fix the transformer that blew behind our house before the next round of storm hits.  They are lost in the trees...but note the thunder / lightning filled sky bearing down on them!

4.  Origami boats floating down the street.

5.  The neighbor's roof under the branch

6.  The golfball sized hail that made the hood of my car look like I went insane with a ball peen hammer.

7.  Broken windshield from said hail.

8.  What's left of the play tower roof.

9.  Euphoric dogs playing with oversized sticks that landed in the yard.

But least I am not the guy that had a patio table and umbrella land in his house...through the roof.  Or the pour sap that has a telephone pole in his living room.  I will take the dented Landcruiser with broken windshield and good story...

PS.  THANK GOD for helpful Husbands!  When the transformer blew, my surge protector didn't protect my computer from the surge!  When the power came back computer didn't!  After a few violent hits to the front of the tower, I knew it was time to walk away.  At that point I simply resigned from the rest of the day, sat on the back patio with a cup of tea and watched the last of the storm...wallowing in the assumed death of my computer. 

But thanks to our IT Manager friend Richard, my husband was let in on a "power surge secret".  Richard said it was most likely the power supply only that was blown...So my hardware challenged husband had to do open heart surgery on my computer.  Amazingly, Deuce was able to open up the computer and install a new power supply all by himself.  Sadly, I failed to get pictures of the historic moment.  Happily, the computer is back in business!  More sadly, the sleep sound machine was also hit...and will forever have to rest in peace.

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