Monday, October 18, 2010

And the mud-puppy slinging continues... Puppy Wars.


I was actually at the leather shop last week, late one afternoon, when I got a frantic phone call from my mom.

"You know my computer has been down right..."

(Me)"Yah. uh-huh..." as I distractedly look for dragon decorations and for the crystals that are on sale, not really listening.  She is clearly really upset and, me being the good daughter as usual, I am more interested in the cobra skins than her latest computer collapse.

"Well, your brother was out here early yesterday to work on it..."

Now my attention has been snapped to the conversation.  You see my mother has been a night owl my whole life.  Hates mornings.  I had received a comment from her at 6:28 am.  Rather peculiar, but I figured she had an early appointment or some such.  But something else was peculiar:  the humor of the comment.  But this I attributed to the early hour...and figured she was off a little due to her brain not being fully awake yet.


You see, the family dogs are a big love for my mother.  I swear those things get better treatment...hell, better medical care even... than I did.  And yes I admit it.  I am jealous of the dog.  I am low and petty and jealous of the dog.

My mom had, shocking even in humor, said Gauge the puppy "looks evil" in that comment. Her children are fair game...but the dogs...never!  (see comments and picture here

Light bulbs...downright strobe lights...are going off in my head...

The next day I get this email at 6:02am:

   I wish you wouldn’t pick on Mom so much, especially facial hair (that’s below the belt).  Also when I told her you called her a Prima Donna she said you were cruising.  As for improvements to the web page, a spell check in the comments section wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

Ahh,  George.  You think you have dissuaded me with cute puppy pictures.  Let me remind you that I have senior pictures.  And the mullet traipsing, Squire Shop T-shirt, peach fuzz years are not forgotten.  I remember being dragged through town as mom searched for the last vestiges of wide leg Levis... 

By the way, may I remind you as well, Heidi...your wife...owns Gauge.  I am thinking .... slide show maybe...

Vengeance is succeeded through perseverance.  Perseverance was defined by the baby-sister.

Let me just say almond tuxedos and "Footloose".

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