Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vices and Addiction to Absurdity. Big Bad Collars.

Everyone around me here knows I have one serious addiction that I can't kick.  It's bad...and bad for you.  I defend it because it is my only true vice and I can't give it up.
Once in a while I will get disgusted and switch to New Jersey or New York...but like a moth to the flame... or a 4 year old to pixie sticks...I am always drawn back!   The truly shameful part is that we don't even have cable.  Which means I even pay the $1.99 per episode to download it.
 I am a bad bad soul.

But I think I may have finally found a new addiction:  
Britain's Got Talent 
 you tube videos
I have been hooked since Susan Boyle to always come back...looking for that first great joy I felt at finding her.
From the 2012 season:
Pudsey and Ashley!
 As my boy is flinging food bowls at me and barking to demand "more"

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