Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's New Pussycat? (Enter Tom Jones ... )

Purse Leathers
What to do?  What to do?  Just got back from the leather shop...so excited to make something from these!  Any ideas?  Any takers?

And this STEAMPUNK BELT:  fully reversible bronze and red patent.  I LOVE the BRONZE LEATHER
Steampunk belt, Bronze
Steampunk Belt, reversible red patent and bronze
AND Lorelei cut her own hair...note all the piggies trying to mask the chop job.
My wonderful neighbor did the cutest  emergency cut!  
We are 3 for 3 for 3!  All three girls cut their hair at age 3!


my NEW chairs!  
From Goodwill...
$17 each...
I even splurged and bought a whisk...
everything for $35.68!
They have down cushions, by a premier maker out of NC...Woodmark...original tags, original upholstery, 1968
perfect for my 1966 house!
Nap with Dad in Woodmark chair
Brickles is so happy!  Soccerball, nap with Dad, and view of the back yard!
**eventually this will be our library, fireplace and all...someday...we got the chairs :-), just need the shelves**
(Brickles's head is slowly getting better...finally!  But cone ain't coming off until it is FULLY healed.  The toxin of whatever bit him has been horrible!  Thank GOD! for the bulldog constitution)


American Bulldog Princess:  Briar Rose Petal
This her latest sleeping position, the princess, she bends her paw wrist down and rests her chin on it...like a very delicate Thinker pose

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