Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years...I remember.

10 years ago I got up, like most people on the west coast, to make coffee...turn on the news...and the world changed.

I was 7 months pregnant.

I remember frantically making phone calls, checking lists, waiting to know if old friends working in the financial district were safe.

I remember shopping in Costco...normally filled with noise...we all walked silently, no one talking as we strained to hear the radio news reports broadcasting over the store loud speakers.

I remember jumping nervously every time at the sound of a plane flying over.  I noticed this change because I grew up next to a major air force base where the noise of B-52 fly overs were common place.  Unusual fly overs still bother me.

I remember always stumbling over the date September 11th, even in the most trivial matters.  I remember noticing others doing it too...unable to say the date without a small pause after.

I remember throwing away the box cutter that sat unnoticed in my drawer for years but now glared out at me with all its hideousness.

I remember stories that still bring tears to my eyes.  Stories of self sacrifice.  Stories of kindness.  Stories of people helping one another.  Stories of dedication to people who had never met.

That is the memorial I wish to see.  Humanity that is greater than itself.  That is what I will remember.  I will remember the gift we were and continue to be given by those who keep us safe.  That is what I will celebrate.  The care, sacrifice, bravery, concern and dedication we show to one another.  That is the memorial I would erect.

I will remember our greatest moments shown in our darkest hours.

That is what I will never forget.