Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Worth waiting for ...Big Bad Collars.

I know, I know:  I am a blog slacker this week!  (I wonder what word I can make up for that?  Bloggacker? Bloser= blog + loser?  Hmmm this one will take effort...any ideas out there?)

Anyway...I had big aspirations...and little time...this week.  (Working ferociously to come up with new designs...)  But whatever high-falutin' ideas I had, got blown out of the water yesterday by an email I received:

This was so worth the wait!

I don't know whether to be more jealous of the dogs or the trees!
These beautiful (on ALL levels!) pictures came from Steve Parsons at Family Dobes

I have had an obsession with Utah this past year.  I have never been there...but I am determined to move there!  (Yah...not in this century will I get this house full of desert rats to unearth...grumble...grumble)  My husband finally asked where this obsession was coming from.  I answered because they have these green growing things there...and they have things called leaves on them!

(yes I am shouting, I admit it...)
I am determined to have pumpkins this year...even if it means you find my dehydrated corpse out front clinging to the hose being consumed by white flies!  I am known as the crazy umbrella lady on the street...thank God for no HOA!  But my seedlings will live *******it!  I say LIVE!  

You see, I have basically given up hope of making it all the way back up to the Northwest.  If it were just me, I would say "54'40 or fight".  (Those of us from the Northwest will get the reference).  But I swear to God, my husband had heart palpitations when we crossed the 45th parallel!  So Utah seemed a nice compromise...

But I digress.

So just to prove my point, Family Dobes sends down these gorgeous photos to prove the largess of Utah bounty and beauty.  On top of it, they have to put the most beautiful animals in the foreground (although I must say that they are attired nicely...)  Unfortunately, the above mentioned husband also demands that I must train the first two hundred pounds of dog that live in this house before I am allowed to have any more...sigh...

Doesn't she look like she should be in a Throne Room?!  What a beautiful Princess! (what a love! i am in love!)

So for now I must wait...

(Yep.  My sentiments exactly.)

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