Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't hate me....

You Too Can Have a 
Big Bad Collar!

I instantly thought of that old Pantene Commercial:  she gives a coy look over her shoulder as she utters the now immortal words

Miss Sierra was kind enough to model her lovely collar, designed just for her.  Couture Canine at her best.
Have you ever seen a more sincere face than that?  "No mom, I have no clue where your yogurt cup went.   How could this tragedy have happened to you?"  I picture her the sweet heroine in distress...on a soap opera.  Speaking of dating myself,  remember the Luke and Laura days on General Hospital...Is it even possible for a single TV event to impact the same way in this day of cable, satellite etc...

And speaking of Iconic Images of Yesteryear...
Wikpedia "Luke and Laura" (yes I am so ashamed...I had to read to it, I couldn't resist the lure...soap operas are so evil that way...) claims the ultimate Icon herself, Princess Diana, sent champagne to celebrate the second most famous televised wedding!

(Thanks Robert for sending the iconic images of the adorable Miss Sierra!)

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