Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out of Commission. Literally.

Looking like a cartoon character...
(compression bandage while waiting for treatment...sigh)

Well Gwyneth is well on her way to breaking any and all records held by Uncle Tim for emergency room visits!

If you have been wondering where we've been, well...

Last Sunday the girls were at a sleep over.  Of course in sleep over tradition, they were bouncing on the bed. adrenaline junky...of course had to up the stakes to "flopping" on the bed (jumping up and flopping to land on their shoulders and feel the breath pushed out).  Needless to jump too big and WHAM! (and that's not the '80's pop duo...)  Her head broke our friend's hardwood headboard!  (SORRY GAIL...)  Luckily we were just pulling in to pick the girls up as this happened.  I am so grateful that it did happen in such a controlled situation!  With TWO sets of adults!  Luckily we could dump the remainder of children with our friends and whisk Gwyneth off to the Urgent Care  (I just imagine being home alone or if Gail was alone babysitting all 5 of our kids and trying to load everyone and get to an ER...)

The end result was 11 staples and a
5 centimeter gash to the back of the head!  
Everyone at the Urgent Care was great and tried to hussle her in, not wanting a child to wait.  The doctor even gave Gwyneth the empty stapler to take to school and show her class!  Then Tuesday morning, Ellette wakes up with a 102.4 fever!  (I am still waiting for the Lorelei shoe to drop...)  We have been laying low the last couple days.  

It has been wonderful for the digestion though!  Friends delivered cupcakes for the girls! (THANKS MAX AND BECKETT!)  And Gail brought Italian Meatball Soup  (I will have to post that recipe!).  Sadly I forgot to take pictures of everything...we were too busy eating.

BUT...I did remember to take pictures to document Gwyneth's climb to setting new family records!  (She has already had two sets of stitches!)  Just a warning if you don't want to scroll...I got the least gruesome pictures.  The first is mostly the doctor's hands, showing the staples going in.  The second is her finished, stapled, cleaned wound.

(On a political tirade note:  As I have mentioned has been scarce around here.  One of the problems of having had your own business is not only affording health insurance...but actually getting it as well when you have "pre-existing conditions" (that is a whole other can of worms...if you asked me to describe myself it would be "plumpety, but completely healthy" but the insurance companies have a different opinion).  Anyway, needless to say that we are "self-pay"  all the way.  And not by choosing.  So the bill was a concern as we were checking out:  $250 if we paid right then and the bill would be settled...and include the visit to have the staples removed.  If not:  over $1100 !!!  Well you can guess that we chose door number 1!  But all you small business owners out there (or big business owners :-), what does that tell you?  One number is the real cost and the other is the inflated water balloon that gets thrown at insurance companies.  You guess which is which!)

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