Thursday, July 28, 2011

"How to know you are a Parent with Adult ADHD" or "Out of the Mouths of Babes"...Big Bad...well just Bad.


Soooo...speaking of the devil...

(why do so many of my conversations begin this way lately...)

Lorelei was on a mission today.  She got out her piggy bank.  Removed all the money.  And announced she needed to buy something.

I asked, "what?"


Cautioning restraint on such financial matters, I had her put everything back (2 bills and gold dollar :-) except for one dollar and explained that the one bill would be enough to buy "CANDY!".  She very skeptically capitulated with the promise that we "go soon". to Hobby Lobby we went (I needed a component for a birthday gift this weekend anyway).

Since we are clearly off the freeway now, Lorelei wants to know when we will get to the store.  I gesture to Hobby Lobby, now visible, and explain we just need to turn at the light.

Red Light.

The back seat driving (shouting) has already begun.


Hmmm...been riding a little too much with Daddy lately?

You see one of the best things that has ever happened to my marriage was reading the book SPARK: The revolutionary science of excercise and the brain .  You see, he examines abnormal brain functions in order to explain normal brain function.

Herewith, my husband comes into the conversation.  Abby Normal.

Thus the chapter on Adult ADHD.

You see again, my husband was one of those kids you gave coffee to in order to put him to sleep.

Let me say marriage is always an adventure.  Some of us just happen to get to live life a little more adventurously.

Then there is my husband.

Gwyneth, now 9, was the original 3 year old back seat driver:
(while searching for a parking spot at the community center) "OH! MY! GOD!  Some IDIOT parked in the RED ZONE!" 

Now in a certain husband's defense, he is very law abiding and a very good driver.  The problems occur when others are not law abiding.

The short version is he is forever banned from driving in mall parking lots at Christmas time.

But even hyperactive dogs can be trained.  As the book Spark discusses, energy can be channeled into positive directions.  He does very well in the school drop off / pick up conga line now.

The short version is he just parks and walks with the kids. :-)

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