Friday, December 10, 2010

Iron Corset. Big Bad Collars.

2 hours shopping, digging for, and trying on shirts; 1 hour drying and braiding hair; 1/2 hour aloe face peel mask; 3 hours setting hair; 1/2 hour carefully applying natural make-up with natural sun-kissed look; spleen rupturing corset; carefully chosen push-up bra:  naturally not too high one; 1/2 hour to squeeze into corset and anointed bra; 300 year old Chinese shard necklace; $2 coconut shell purse brought back from Vietnam by Deuce as carefully chosen conversation piece to promote husband
effect the casual, laid-back, carefree yet natural hippie look.

I soooo still got it!
...just takes longer to 'get it' these days!

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