Tuesday, December 7, 2010


POTLUCK EMERGENCY ALERT:  in case of potluck emergency, read below
(okay...confession...the first time I titled this it was "BBQ PORK ROAST ALERT"...which by light of day, I realized that it sounded like I had food poisoned my whole family.  Which, considering that I have set dinner on fire...more than once...and not on the grill...may not seem so far fetched!  Ah, if only I were as clever by the light of day as I am under shadow of sleep deprivation...)
Okay...tonight's dinner was sooooo easy...and sooooo cheap ... and sooooo awesome it deserves an emergency post, especially in this season of potlucks!  Sadly I have no pictures so I put the closest one I had to a ham-hock ...
Okay, I defrosted a pork shoulder butt roast that we had cut in half...not really knowing what to do with it other than I wanted BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner.  My girlfriend was over to pick up her daughter as I looked at her confusedly begging for advice.  I have a hot grill...I have a pork butt...I have not a clue...  I am still learning this grilling stuff.  Vanessa came to the rescue.  Her husband Robert is the Grill King!  She called quick for advice.  After Robert finally got done with the guffaws I heard all the way across the phone when Vanessa told him that I "didn't know what to do with my pork butt" (just glad I couldn't hear the follow up to that one...), he was able suppress the chuckles and snorts long enough to spit out this prescription:

1.  Cumin
2.  Paprika
3.  Black Pepper
4.  Salt  (I used Sea Salt)
when I mixed at first they were almost equal parts...pepper the smallest.  I was worried this would be too spicy for the kids so I added two more parts Salt.

Rub/cover the whole roast  (Alright people: no more pork butt jokes!)

Use brown sugar to make it sweet!  I patted and rolled the roast in brown sugar to cover the whole thing, but not loose the spice rub

Roast on the grill over indirect heat until the roast reads 200 degrees (my grill is four burner...actually it's even from Vanessa and Robert, Robert had re-furbished it as a gift for us...so I put the roast in the center and turned off the center burners, put the outside on medium, closed the lid and VOILA)

all right this deserves an OMG!!!  It was so sweet and wonderfully crusted, the kids kept running up to steal pieces of the blackened crust!  I shredded the pork and mixed in the crust pieces to spread the flavor through.  It was so flavorful that the BBQ sauce for the sandwiches was really unnecessary.

My husband has deemed it his favorite pork dish.  It will work wonderfully just as a platter for a potluck or big group.

Thanks Vanessa and Robert!  Even though I had to be the...butt...of your jokes!

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  1. Yum...let me know next time you make it & we will invite ourselves over! XOXO