Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nemesis. Big Bad Collars.

If it grows in the desert, it is a weed.  If one of these desert weeds ever get water...they will conquer and destroy all around them!

My Nemesis

I have more scars from trimming this thing.  I live in terror than some kid will get tangled in those thorns...and be scarred for life...or worse!.  About every 4 months, we take out about half...and like an evil Hydra it comes back huger than ever!
 is coming down!

Before you assume I am have lost my tree hugging roots, do NOT assume.  It is just that that thing is not huggable!. 

I am thinking a lovely Jacaranda to replace it.  Desert, low water use...and Fluffy Purple Flowers can't hurt anyone!  And in true desert fashion, a Tombstone Rose to cover and cool the house wall!

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