Monday, November 8, 2010

Still here...and sulking!

Sorry about that...been a rough week!  But we are still standing...

Let's just say urgent care one day, bad brake job = car out of commission another day (I mean seriously out of commission:  they didn't tighten the bolts, right front brake broke apart and seized the wheel, chunks in the wheel...yes I know I am sounding very technical here...let's just say we are counting our blessings!), not to mention the prolonged joys of pneumonia.  I am just glad that week can be put to rest!

Today is a new day!  My sister and her buddy arrive today!  Road trip and hiking with the girls!  (But I unfortunately have to bow out on the main lungs aren't repaired enough to responsibly do the 4,000 ft elevation change...sulk...sulk...sulk...luckily my steadfast Gail will stay with me on the Grand Canyon rim while the others hike in...though she says we still must fulfill our bucket list someday!  But please quit calling it the "bucket list"!  Gail's 'premonitions' have been coming a little too true lately!!!)


  1. many Grand Canyons have you hiked out of my overconfident brother??? Oh that's right..."It's safer inside the jeep"...isn't that how the line goes???

    By the way, Marg laid waste to her hiking competition! She was out by 2:00! Congrats to Marg and Mary Kay! But I will take you next time!