Monday, August 9, 2010

Afghani stray that stopped suicide bomber: SAVED!

Rocky: A True Military Hero
Operation Baghdad Pups: No Dog left Behind
 Rocky has been rescued!  Thanks to the coordinated efforts of many different animal welfare organizations, Rocky was rescued from Afghanistan last week.  In 2009, Rocky and another camp dog intercepted a disguised suicide bomber as he attempted to enter U.S. Army barracks and explode himself.  Rocky and Sam stopped the bomber in his tracks, forcing him to explode his lethal weapon before reaching the barracks, and saving countless lives.  Unfortunately, Sam suffered fatal injuries.

Rocky, a true military hero has the retirement he deserves - a safe and loving home in the United States.  Rocky will be living with, David, one of the soldiers that he saved on that fateful day in Afghanistan.  We are extremely grateful to Rocky, Sam, David and all the troops who are serving in Afghanistan to protect our way of life here at home.  

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